As we enter our 4th week and almost a full month of changes that have come from the Covid-19 pandemic, I wanted to take the time to point out the obvious.  I hear commercials thanking, the first responders, nurses and those in the medical field, grocery store clerks and many others.  I am appreciative to all of them.  Also, when I hear the list of those occupations I instantly think of you, the Geiger Ready-Mix teammates.  The news outlets and social media label all of them as heroes. That is what I think of you, heroes.  

 Unless you are in the ready-mix field, or concrete construction, the majority really have no clue as to what we do, and how we serve our community.  Concrete is used more than any other manmade material in the world.  It is also the 2nd most consumed substance in the world behind water. With concrete, we improve the streets and sewer systems, build schools, sidewalks and curbs, and build the homes that everyone is staying home in right now.  

Our plant support technicians keep the plants clean, run the loaders, get specialty orders ready and test concrete many times a day, heroes. The Quality control team, who makes sure every mix is right for all the many jobs we have. They put the mixes in the system and test and log all the strength reports of our mixes. They are heroes. We have a great maintenance team that are in the shop every day fixing the trucks, and helping the trucks on the job to keep us delivering concrete. They are heroes.  The plant operators are loading trucks, fixing the plants and keeping us in product every day. They are heroes. To our administration team, they bill all our customers, make sure our customers get paid, scan all the tickets and take care of building materials in Leavenworth.  They are heroes.  Our sales team, in the office and in the field, they make sure there is work lined up to keep working. They are out on jobs expediting, and in the office bidding.  They are heroes.  We have a human resources team that works to keep benefits going, keep hiring to grow our team, keep up on our safety and continue to get paychecks out. They are heroes.  Our dispatchers and customer service representatives are hear to take orders, to calm our customers, to set up orders and keep production going every day. They too are heroes.  Our plant managers keep the plants in order and help support our front-line delivery professionals. Hero’s. Our end dump and tanker drivers are on the road getting all the rock, sand and cement we need to produce concrete.  They too are heroes.  Lastly, the delivery professionals are the front line to our customers. Hero’s in taking our very important product to all the places in the city that need it. We are all essential, and we are heroes. 

Continue to stay healthy and practice social distancing and take all sanitary precautions.

Thank you for all you do,